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Mar 27, 2011 6:30pm EDT
and air mass going to be with us all week, no significant warmup in sight until about a week or so. that's the bottom line. what about earlier today? let's look at that. some of the hd cameras, a few flakes early, you can see the skies clearing off nicely. how about the storm system throwing snow and then it clears. a little more than an inch in southern maryland and look at ocean city. not a beach day here. although that snow melted pretty quick ly throughout the afternoon. we dodged a bullet. we are getting to the time of year where we want to say good-bye to the snow. current winds from the northwest, a chilly breeze and that dry air, that means you have to keep the chap stick around. 32 in oakland. 46 in the city. 46 at the beach where they had the snow earlier. this time of the year, it's any light snow tends so melt off. highs around the 40s and again this was a solid 10 degrees below average for most of us and i don't see the trend changing. we are going to end up with the first two weeks of spring being colder than average. clear today, clear tonight. looking at the morning snow
Mar 13, 2011 6:30pm EDT
moments ago and joins us live from the hospital, sheryl, what can you tell us? >> reporter: the most heart breaking information her mom shared with me is 7-year-old amanda is unable to smile. she has deep lacerations on both sides of her face, and will require several surgeries. she stepped outside of the hospital this evening to tell us more that's where her daughter is being treated. she witnessed the two pit bulls attacking and tried to beat them off her. her daughter is complaining about the intense pain. doctors tell her she will survive but it's a long road ahead after the vicious attack. >> the dog was pulling hard and i run and i hold on to her and i keep pushing the dog away and the two dogs keep pulling her and i keep grabbing her, grabbing her and keep fighting with my one hand. but the dog caught me a couple of bites but they didn't want me, they just keep going where they see the blood at. >> reporter: and the mom told me she hopes those two pit bulls are put to sleep. the family has spoken to the owners of the dogs. we will very a more on what they had to say coming up at 11.
Mar 6, 2011 6:30pm EST
. opponents are skeptical about how the money will be used. >> we are not going to be fooled again. we know this is a piggy bank for highier general fund spending. we are not willing to fund run away government spending on the state level. >> aaa mid atlantic reports gas prices went up 16-cents in the baltimore area in the past week. a senate committee is expected to take up that bill next week. >> every night at 6:00 we try to save you money elsewhere. tonight we are helping you cut cost. check out this new app we found on his ipad. it is called wi-fi finder. it pops up and pin points all the spots around you offering free wi-fi. instead of using our phone's data plan you can find a spot to use for free. if you have a tip to save money leaf a comment on facebook at >>> it may be weeks before orioles park fills with fans but the park was busy yesterday. not because of big leaguers but hopeful candidates vying for a smaller paycheck. it is tryouts that only pays $8 but it comes with a lifetime of memories. >> reporter: as this still picture perfect stadium awaits the s
Mar 20, 2011 6:30pm EDT
at the medical reports, it was not supporting what the miss norwood told us. >> reporter: all of this contradicts the story norwood told police. according to her after closing up the store for the night she went book pick up her wallet. two masked men followed them in, bound them and sexually assaulted them and beat and stabbed her to death. medical examiners found no evidence of sexual assault on either victim. the night of the killing workers at this store next door say they heard two women arguing. >> you go through a list of 14 or 18 things the victim told you. you can draw a line through almost every one of them. >> reporter: there was one other thing, norwood's wounds were superficial. murray's were deep. it was a scene painted in blood that suggests intense rage. >> it is a close stabbing, blunt force trauma she was majorly angry. >> reporter: in college soccer teammates were weary. >> girls on the team that knew her longer than me told me things like watch your locker. keep it locked. >> reporter: she said she never imagined norwood was capable of a calculated murder. >> norwood will appe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4